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"Silentflow" Model CI Inlet Silencer

Enter The Following Information:

Volume of Air Through Silencer (CFM):
Maximum Pressure Drop (in.wg): (Standard = 1.00 in.wg)
Density of Air Through Silencer (lbs/cu.ft): (Standard = 0.075 lbs/cu.ft)
Temperature in Degrees F (max 250):
Fan Inlet Diameter (inches):
Base Model CI
Base Model CI
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Noise Criterion:

  dBA required at Feet From Fan

Select Sound Power Level:

   Frequency (Hz): 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
   Sound Power:
    Silencer Selection:
    *Scroll down for Accessories and Options


Select Silencer Accessories:

Rainhood / Filter Assembly:

Flow Measurement Tubes:

Silencer Support and Hardware:

NPT Connection – Half Coupling with Plug:

FGR Connection – Flue Gas Return:

Select Silencer Options:

Silencer Construction Materials:

Paint Finish Options:

Inlet Screen Type (1” x 1”):

Connection Type:

Additional Options:

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