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"Silentflow" Model TO Discharge Silencer

Enter The Following Information:

Volume of Air Through Silencer (CFM):
Maximum Pressure Drop (in.wg): (Standard = 1.00 in.wg)
Density of Air Through Silencer (lbs/cu.ft): (Standard = 0.075 lbs/cu.ft)
Temperature in Degrees F (max 250):
Fan Discharge Diameter (inches):
Base Model TO
Base Model TO
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Noise Criterion:

dBA required at Feet From Fan

Ductwork Downstream of Silencer:

Yes No

Orientation of Silencer:

Horizontal Vertical

Select Sound Power Level:

   Frequency (Hz): 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
   Sound Power:
    Silencer Selection:
    *Scroll down for Accessories and Options


Select Silencer Accessories:


Discharge Screen:

Silencer Support and Hardware:

Required Flange Type:

Plate Flange
K & B Angle Ring
Plate Flange to match ANSI Flange

Plate Flange
K & B Angle Ring
Plate Flange to match ANSI Flange

Select Silencer Options:

Silencer Construction Materials:

Paint Finish Options:

Additional Options:

TO with K&B Angle Ring and <br>Vertical Rainhood

TO with Lifting Lug and Flange Matching ANSI Pattern

TO with Support Leg and Discharge Screen

TO with Horizontal Rainhood and Plate Flange

TO with Acoustic Centerbody

Silentflow Model TD Inlet Tubular with Flanged Inlet<br> and Outlet

TO with No-Loss Vertical Rainhood

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